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We use and combine all major social media platforms and analytical data from basic reporting to big data. We create a custom program to suite your business size and needs.

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Public Relations does not mean contacting the media. That may have been the case in the past but now we can use your own channels to get your message out.
Copper Abstract has teams of PR Professionals ready to to minimize the damage made by a crisis. We take Public Relations to a new level when it comes to a crisis, we rarely get the limelight in these situations. We are the silent hero you need. Our focus is solely Social PR.
Many times your story may get skewed in online conversations we help your social media team stay aligned with the key messages of your company and because we are the communications professionals a lot of times we can help your departments stay focused and be consistent in the messaging. Social Monitoring is a specialty of ours we use many program to track information from around
Broadcast monitoring is a very helpful crisis management tool along with a good way to measure earned media. We use programs that track broadcast media on tv and radio. We also have the ability to download clips that are relevent so we can discuss them. This may be usefull in a number of ways, media training being one of them.

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