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Big Data And Social Media

Users are on social networks everyday posting items relating to products and services with a lot of this information unknown to businesses. We use big data to find out what they are saying and have the ability to modify a programs algorithm to gauge sentiment more accurately  For example under one model a users statement of “product x is insane”, well since the term is not good or bad it might just throw out the data, we will refine it to give it a positive value. Big data is only useful when it is accurately represented.

Big Data And Product Development

We have the capabilities to help you do yor due diligence. With big data we can scan the internet and find out whether or not a type of product is gaining traction or loosing interest, in the case of a loss of interest we may have save you millions of dollars in development costs for a product that was not needed or wanted. The old way was to create surveys but the answers quite often depended on the questions. If a question was worded a certain way then it might elicite a better response, that can be eliminated.

Big Data At Product Launch

You can spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad if you want or we could have some other uses for a much smaller budget. We can use big data to analyze the users that are influential about your subject and engage them along with their entire audience, this can include but is not limited to Blogger, Tweeters, Regular Facebook users with a large audience. These people have a certain amount of credibility within their communities and can help your product get a much needed jump start  We can purchase access through programs like Klout, Kred and Wahooly but we actively engage many top tier influencers on a regular basis so those extra costs may not even be required.

Big Data For Product Feedback

You can wait for users to post on your website any complaints they might have but most of the time they will just tweet, share or blog about their issue and there posts largely go unfound by companies. We scan the internet using many monitors to find out who is saying something and what they are saying. This information can then be used to enhance products and services. We can also choose to engage the users directly attempting to keep an issue from being a crisis. In today’s world a tweet can reach millions of people in 24 hours but with our methods we may be able to stop the crisis at the source.