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Bungie A Public Relations Machine

Bungie has a new game coming out called Destiny and it will be a social media, marketing and public relations machine. I always say that owned media is the best way to control the message and in this case the story of the product. Of course public relations is always about the story. Bungie is a public relations powerhouse because of two things, they produce a great product and they are passionate about it. Lets go over some typical PR [...]

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Roadmap For Social Public Relations

Public relations is changing or at least the way information is distributed is. The basics of public relations is relationships so this article is going to outline who to engage with, how to engage them and how to get them to spread your message, all online. That even includes traditional channels of media. The most tech savvy journalist and media channels are online and they are listening along with trying to find stories. Your story can  be told through the [...]

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