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Elements Of A Successful Social Media Program

Let’s start out with the most important element: Communications. The Social Media team needs to have specific instructions on who to contact and why. Some of these options depend on the size and structure of the company but all roles are typically filled by someone. The Social Media team needs to have access to the Executives, The Marketing Department, The Distribution Department, The PR Firm, The Security Dept., The Support Department, that is a lot already but basically almost the [...]

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Roadmap For Social Public Relations

Public relations is changing or at least the way information is distributed is. The basics of public relations is relationships so this article is going to outline who to engage with, how to engage them and how to get them to spread your message, all online. That even includes traditional channels of media. The most tech savvy journalist and media channels are online and they are listening along with trying to find stories. Your story can  be told through the [...]

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