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Types of Crisis’ We Help With

  • Wikipedia Wars
  • Yelp Reviewers
  • Rogue Bloggers
  • SEO
  • Hacked Websites
  • Data Stolen

Who We Work With

  • PR Firms
  • Inhouse PR
  • C-suite
  • In-house or External Legal Teams
  • Individuals

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Crisis Management has changed in recent years the consumer has a stronger voice and that should be considered in a lot of aspects of business today. All it takes is one tweet share or blog post to create some serious problems for every business size. We will show you a few crisis situations that could have been prevented or had a less damaging effect with a crisis mangement plan. We will also share with you how our company may help you with your crisis mangement plan and implimentation.


In the first scenario a Papa John’s Employee put “lady chinky eyes” in place of where the name of the customer should have went on the receipt, then handed it to the customer. Needless to say the customer was upset at this racist remark and took a picture with her camera phone then tweeted it. Below is the tweet:

Hey @papajohns just FYI my name isn’t “lady chinky eyes”

— Minhee Cho (@mintymin) January 7, 2012


At the time of this post it has 5,980 retweets and 887 favorites. The image has been seen 264,278 times but that is just the original image, it has also been downloaded and reposted many times in addition to being featured on Cnn, ABC News, The Colbert Report and many more online and offline mediums.

The tweet was only the beginning of their crisis. The people handling the twitter account tried to respond to each individual that retweeted or tweeted about it without addressing Minhee Cho. They danced around the subject for a while without even trying to contact her. They did fire the person and at that point the snowball was pretty big so it continued and took a while for the message to reach the huge outraged audience. Here is the tweet by Papa John’s apologizing even though they did not include the twitter handle of Minhee Cho.

We are very upset by recent receipt issue in New York & sincerely apologize to our customer. Franchise employee involved is being terminated

— Papa John’s Pizza (@PapaJohns) January 7, 2012


For Crisis Management scenerio 2 we will just use the example above with a fictional twist. Lets pretend that Papa Johns did not have a twitter account like a lot of Fortune 500 companies. Then upper level management might have found out about it from two sources at the same time, one with a major news outlet calling at the same time that the story made it through mangement if it even would have traveled that far up the corporate ladder.

A Crisis could be a lot more difficult than a racial slur, there can be loss of lives by disaster or defective products needing to be recalled and the way that a company handles issues like these can be how it the company will be viewed for a long time.

A lot of companies don’t use social media because they think that they will not make a profit from the programs but the stakes are much higher than that. People expect a response from tweets, Facebook posts, Blog posts etc. Not responding is just like not answering the phone at the call center. It is now the basics of customer service.

We can help you be prepared for scenarios like these and many more and can even help after your crisis has begun but there is a huge advantage to preparing for a crisis rather than just responding to a crisis. Some steps we would discuss are:

  • What social programs should you run?
  • Who should operate your programs?
  • What are their limits?
  • When do they need to call C-Suite Execs?
  • What is the procedure for “fill in blank”(depends on industry)?



Big Data can help your company gauge the effectivness of a large scale operation and answer some specific questions you may have. We could set up monitors to gauge the sentiment of users around the internet. We start with a question or multiple questions and try to anwer them, in the case of crisis mangement they may be:

  1. What is the impact of large-scale events on my brand?
  2. How are consumers reacting to an event?

These monitors can listen to various types of conversations on the internet from a large number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and can even be used to analyze who the key influencers are so that we may try to open up a line of conversation with them. The level at which we run these are dependent upon the information you choose for us to gather. Here is a list of Listening and Monitoring Features:

  • In-depth Sentiment Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Who is talking
  • Where they’re talking…Via Geo-Tagging
  • When are they talkin
  • Demographics of who is talking

Contact us to get an understanding of how we can help your specific company. We will create multiple plans specific to your company and industry. If you have a crisis right now, don’t wait call us now: 727-510-2499

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