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We take public relations into the digital age. Copper Abstract incorporates digital and traditional media channels to get your message out. We keep and maintain many channels to work with and constantly monitor for new services. We use Public relations as a tool to connect with the consumers at a one on one level with the understanding that a bad mention from one customer can ruin a companies reputation.


Crisis Management has changed in recent years the consumer has a stronger voice and that should be considered in a lot of aspects of business today. All it takes is one tweet share or blog post to create some serious problems for every business size. We will show you a few crisis situations that could have been prevented or had a less damaging effect with a crisis management plan. We will also share with you how our company may help you with your crisis management plan and implementation.

Copper Abstract offers press release services as part of some of our social media programs but realize that sometimes there are special needs that need to be filled right now. Our Press Release service is a premium service, we distribute to high quality networks and have a full media reach across all regions of the United States. Your Press release will be targeted appropriately and you will have some options regarding the distribution channels. We will assist or write the press release for you to make sure it is of high quality and has the right elements to be picked up by the audience we need to publish the information.


This one may be tough but it can always be done. You may want to have some control over what appears in the first page for your company name or some key search phrases. This is good for reputation management because of the keyword used “control”.  Of course you control the content on your own domain but what if bad reviews on yelp come up. In that case we may boost social media/SEO efforts for some pages or subsites that you do control. Our First example is Facebook. You have some control over that profile and it can rank well in the search engines. You can control whether or not users can comment thus decreasing the bad exposure. We can also boost other profile based pages.

Online Public Relations

Do you know how to handle a rogue blogger, a twitter user with a huge base or a negative post on Reddit??? We do.