Bungie A Public Relations Machine

//Bungie A Public Relations Machine

Bungie A Public Relations Machine

Bungie has a new game coming out called Destiny and it will be a social media, marketing and public relations machine. I always say that owned media is the best way to control the message and in this case the story of the product. Of course public relations is always about the story. Bungie is a public relations powerhouse because of two things, they produce a great product and they are passionate about it. Lets go over some typical PR items.

1. Free media: the storytellers are the artists, designers and many employees at Bungie. I don’t need to do any research for this post because I have been following them for years. My college principles of marking main project was on the marketing machine that produced Halo 2′s success. I got an A on that btw. Bungie creates a great product and that limits the amount of negative publicity, they also foster innovation among the team members which make the employees happy limiting the number of loose canons.

travelers_vale_1800-300x187Owned Media: Since they create the artwork and videos they do not need to hire outside video producers not familiar with the product to create advertisements and social media posts. I may be wrong, they may use an outside agency (I am not a reporter, looks like they may use Edelman, Clint Schaff has Bungie listed on his profile.) but they do not need to, everything they need is at their disposal. Their message is clear “we want to create a great user experience”. With a company that is prepare to do all int can to accomplish that then PR becomes easy. So what networks are they using? As of now they are on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. I believe that is all they need, their followers will publish to all other networks. They also have their own Forums and news area, Reducing the cost of getting their word out and limiting the amount of information that will not be presented correctly. Because they are creating a great product they will have many advocates and those advocates will post on Reddit, Repost on YouTube, Share on Facebook along with creating their owen communities, forums, websites, video channels etc.. All of this using the media they bombard the users with such as character profiles, story lines, artwork and more. Here is some of the media to date: Destiny Media

With the Halo product towards the end of their reign and as a mostly new team was taking over the public relations aspect became a little more difficult because Halos lore was a part of a community a thriving community that had read books, played games, watched YouTube videos and participated in discussions on Halo for a number of years. The slightest change from the canon could insight riots and some people did protest many ways that the franchise was handle but with Destiny they are off to a fresh start and can go more in depth into the world that they are creating with the understanding that the story line will be the success or failure of the franchise. Since they have time and the funds to dedicate to a complete world pre-launch, I fully expect them to do so.

There is a lot at stake, they are the creators of one of the greatest franchises of all time and have an impossible task of creating a better game world lifestyle that consumers can be a part of even now before the whole concept is complete the avid creators are trying to bring the consumer into the developing world. Their twitter feed is delving into the mysterious new world.

Bungie is the ultimate PR machine because everything is public relations to them, the consumer is part of their world not just an outsider buying a product. PR is telling a story and there is no one that does that better than Bungie.

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