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Reputation management may have some different meanings depending on what the situation is. We will show you some ways we handle reputation management. What we do for you will depend on your needs and budget.

Reputation Management – Task: Dominate Search Results

This one may be tough but it can always be done. You may want to have some control over what appears in the first page for your company name or some key search phrases. This is good for reputation management because of the keyword used “control”.  Of course you control the content on your own domain but what if bad reviews on yelp come up. In that case we may boost social media/SEO efforts for some pages or subsites that you do control. Our First example is Facebook. You have some control over that profile and it can rank well in the search engines. You can control whether or not users can comment thus decreasing the bad exposure. We can also boost other profile based pages.

Subsites might be a little more difficult to rank fast for but it can be done also, we can buy a domain and create a site and make it as seo friendly as we can along with some serious link building but this will have a hard time competing against sites that have been around for a while.

Engage Influencers, this is a way to control the flow of data. Although Bloggers may be a little unpredictable at times we can use such methods as Press Releases and Influencer based programs such as Klout, Kred and Influenster. Depending on the situation we would choose the appropriate channel.  A number of high ranking blogs publishing fresh positive content about your company could certainly push the bad results down.

We can also attack the problem at its source, if you have a bad review out there then we can try to engage that person and make them happy and sometimes they will remove the review. In the case of fake reviews, on some sites they can be removed or reported. We will help you navigate the review sites or do it for you.