In this class the teacher attempts to teach someone how to set up a WordPress website on HostGator using the quick install. He goes in detail about how to do so but in trying to focus on speed he misses some very important items that should be stated from the start.

The teacher speaks very clearly and goes into a good amount of detail on how to go about the process of creating a generic WordPress Website. A student will learn how to create pages, a menu, a contact form, a call to action and a slider using the specific theme.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people that have no knowledge or very limited knowledge of creating websites.


Although the course is not about hosting, the teacher uses HostGator as an example. Students should be informed more about the hosting choices. HostGator is not necessarily the best hosting service and some other options should be provided. Students should research hosting and registrars before making purchasing from any company.

Admin as the Username

In his example he shows you while creating a username of admin. Admin should never be your username, it is the one hackers use to hack WordPress installations, once your site is live it will get hack attempts all the time, even small websites get hundreds of brute force hack attempts daily.

WordPress in the root folder

When it is time to upgrade or to expand the website it would be nice to have the WordPress installation in a folder, by not creating it this way the student will be at a disadvantage when it is time to upgrade.

What is a person with this certificate capable of doing?

A person with only this certificate has a very basic knowledge of WordPress but would not really be qualified to do anything without a more extensive knowledge.


Yes, We completed this course.