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Social Media Strategy Part 1: The Conversation

A conversation about your products and services is going on whether or not you decide to participate. People are discussing your company, your products and your competitors. These conversations happen on many fronts and the basis for a social media program should take into account where your customers are discussing what you have to offer. Our first step is to understand that they are the ones that decides where the conversation is and not the other way around, you must engage your customers on many different social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy Part 2: The Main Social Platforms

There are some main sites that every company should use and these will change over time. For the moment every social media strategy should include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is important because about 66% of people say they use it. Facebook has built in analytics and an add program that is rolled into regular content almost naturally. Twitter is important because it can be used as a support platform. Users already expect this. For example if your site is down you could just post a tweet and it would reduce the number of support calls you would get. LinkedIn is a powerful resource for long term personal connections.

Social Media Strategy Part 3: Niche Social Websites

There are a lot more social sites to consider and which ones you use should be based off of a detailed social media strategy that has been researched thoroughly including demographics  usage, your industry and the type of product or service you have to offer. For example if your product is beauty supplies then we would include Pinterest and Instagram because the user base leans female and they are great platforms to interact on because they are visually stimulating.

Copper Abstract creates a custom social media strategy based on your budget, industry, product or any other factors as needed.