Let’s start out with the most important element: Communications. The Social Media team needs to have specific instructions on who to contact and why. Some of these options depend on the size and structure of the company but all roles are typically filled by someone. The Social Media team needs to have access to the Executives, The Marketing Department, The Distribution Department, The PR Firm, The Security Dept., The Support Department, that is a lot already but basically almost the whole company. We will narrow down everything and tell you why. We will not get into what programs that you should run mainly how you run them with some platform specific functions.

The Social Media Program is the front page of your company. It is an easy way to communicate to your employees, distribution chain, customers and many other stakeholders. Let’s start with the marketing program. You may have spent thousands or even millions of dollars on marketing materials. Those marketing materials can be recycled. If you did a commercial then send a copy to the Social Media Team so they can post it on Facebook or YouTube. Did you have a photo shoot then send those to your Social media team to post on photo sharing sites.

Social Media and PR: great blend of talent. The PR Department spends a lot of time creating and producing a story, your story. The social media team could get the wrong message out and it could go viral in minutes. Instruct both sides that they need to communicate on a regular basis. The social media team should be good at creating a conversation and the PR Team should be good at creating a message or brand, meld them together, have the social media team take the message and make it interactive, adding calls to action.

Social Media and Marketing: Your Marketing team spends a lot of time creating phrases, images and videos. All of those items should be sent to the social media team after the launch of the Marketing platform. This will increase the ROI of the marketing platform and since the social media team needs an influx of content it can only boost your program. Your social media team should know how to get the audience to react and share the information which will multiply your ROI. Sharing is free advertising and a great vessel for SEO.

The Executives: Yes I know they are busy, aren’t we all. Executives are the face of the company, they should be in contact with the social media team weekly and the social media team should teach them how to run their own program, maybe a twitter or Instagram account. The Executives should also communicate any special events that they are doing.

Distribution: If there are any problems with distribution then those should be communicated to the PR team and a response should be posted on social channels by the social media team. Your PR team will know which channels to use and how what message to get across and how to present it.

Support: Many people seek support via social methods such as Twitter and Facebook. My solution to this is simple, set up Hootsuite and have support on there then when a support request comes in the Hootsuite admin can assign the tweet to a support person. The support personnel should be prepared with some typical responses crafted by The Pr Department. This is because the support team is most likely technical but may lack in proper communication skills without some guidance. if there is anything out of the ordinary then they could just communicate with the PR Team.

At this point I hope you get the idea….Communication. It could make your company one of the greatest or the worst, you choose.