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Social media monitoring is a little misleading for this subject but it is the basic idea. Conversations are happening on many platforms.We have a unique opportunity to tune in to conversations that were previously held in living rooms, conference rooms and bar lobbies, they are now held online and we can listen in, this is called social media monitoring and although it is in infancy the power of information is undeniable.


We use a number of tools and reporting programs depending on your needs. For example you share a page on your blog then what? How many people viewed it how many people clicked on the link? These are the questions we constantly ask ourselves and that we provide solutions for.

On facebook we connect our software with facebooks tracking program to see how many people viewed, commented on and liked the post. Then we use url shorteners to track click through rates and combine that with Google analytics to track all the way to conversions. After that we can use our social monitoring tools to view sentiment, probably not based on a post because they are expensive to run but maybe on a series of posts or a whole campaign.


Small Social Media Plan

Social Monitoring for your platforms and engagements on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Vimeo
  • Yelp
  • WordPress (selfhosted and

and More

Multiple Location Businesses

A major issue with multiple locations is having a centralized data source and a cental Social Media Program. We use social Reporting tools listed above but also include items that are useful for local seo and a monitoring solution to maintain integrity among local data sources. Some of these sources are:

Super Pages
Emerging Package
ay least 14 other sites including Google Places

We take this a step beyond just getting the listings we get reviews on websites that showcase great customer service or anything else you have to offer, these reviews increase the placement of your company within many of the websites.

Larger Scale Social Media Monitoring

We can run monitors to analyze sentiment across many platforms that are used and this information can be used to help in product developement, location choices, product launch and even after product launch to understand the users reviews, likes and dislikes. We can even manage the monitors to adjust for unforeseen factors that may arise later, we run a totally dynamic program.