Why you should have an SSL

//Why you should have an SSL
Why you should have an SSL 2016-10-15T11:45:44+00:00

If your website has a form then data could be transferred between the user and the website, when that happens the data could be intercepted. I mention a form because a lot of people think that because they do not run an online eCommerce shop that they  do not need one. Even with a simple form the customer is trusting you with their information and you should respect then enough to have it transmitted securely.

Does an SSL secure my website? No, it does not secure your website nor does it even secure the form. It simply helps to increase the integrity of the handshake and communication between the users browser and the website. Read more on Wikipedia if you would like although the article is very technical.  It does not cost a lot of money per year and provides a trust factor for the visitor which will increase your conversion rate.


  • It helps create a private connection
  • It increases user trust
  • It helps protect your clients private information
  • It is inexpensive